Health & Safety


Matcon Civil is dedicated to providing and sustaining a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees. It is our policy to provide the highest standard of service without compromising the health and safety of our employees, customers or the general public. This is achieved through a comprehensive health and safety program that is designed to meet all WorkSafeBC, federal, provincial and industry standards and regulations. The cooperation and adherence to the health and safety program is not only expected, but it is also a condition of employment with Matcon Civil. Additionally, management is committed to work in a spirit of consultation and cooperation with all workplace parties.

Management is committed to promoting positive attitudes towards health and safety within the organization and is responsible and accountable for providing safe work sites and for establishing and maintaining adequate standards of maintenance.



Matcon Civil recognizes the right for all employees to work in a safe environment and everyone is expected to correct or report unsafe conditions and activities immediately and to work cooperatively towards the prevention of unsafe actions, activities and conditions.

Matcon Civil is committed to limiting the impact of workplace injury or illness by having a comprehensive Injury Management program.

Our company health and safety program has been designed with best intentions for all employees, subcontractors, visitors and customers in mind. The health and safety program will be reviewed annually to ensure we continue to provide the most up to date safety methods. We at Matcon Civil, feel that accident prevention leads to efficient production, therefore complete cooperation in all its components has been deemed mandatory.


Despite often exceptionally difficult land conditions and weather, Matcon Civil always comes through, on time and on budget. When tackling unique site challenges, the added value of the Matcon Civil’s team experience and advice, has been instrumental in our continued success. Bill Sitter General Manager Beautiworld Development Corporation