Social Responsibility


Matcon Civil is a proud sponsor of the British Columbia Premier Baseball League Club2


Social responsibility is at the very heart of Matcon Civil’s business.

Matcon Civil understands that our growth and success must be tied to the sustainable development of communities, and we actively manage our consumption of resources, and continually seek new ways to improve our collective impacts on the planet.

Our partnerships and Joint Ventures with First Nations recognize the need to work together to provide economic development opportunities and capacity building with the Nations, as well as amongst their individual Members.

Our work to provide in-kind donations to multi-stakeholder organizations such as the BC Spartina Working Group and the First Nation’s Fisheries Legacy Fund underscores our commitment to sharing our expertise and capacity to protect our region and its precious natural resources.

And our work with and donations to local community and sport organizations such as 4-H and children’s soccer teams supports the healthy, diverse communities that we are so proud to help to build.

For more information regarding sponsorship or in-kind works please contact Matcon Civil’s Chief Executive Officer, Adam Whitworth at

Matcon Civil is a proud sponsor of the warriors wellness society2


The partners and staff at Matcon Civil Constructors have exceed my expectations with both their commitment to excellence in regard to project work, but also with their commitment to help TEDC and TFN realize their goals for mentoring, training and employment opportunities for TFN Members, their families, and TFN Member-owned businesses – we are proud of our relationship with Matcon Civil.

Chris Hartman
TFN Economic Development Corporation